Study methodology confirmed, 125 new LNG fueled trucks equipped with specialized data recording and collection equipment ‘on the road’ for cross- border heavy freight transport, results collected analysed and validated.

Task 4.1

Development of detailed approach and work plan for the study including pilot deployment will be delivered together with the support of a specialized and internationally recognized subcontractor, in order to answer pre-defined research questions.

Task 4.2

Data will be collected during a full scale trial involving 125 LNG trucks on several different routes on the Core Network using the 5 LNG fueling stations of this action and existing LNG fueling stations. LNG trucks will be equipped with data collection equipment. Drivers from the participating transport companies will receive training on how to work with LNG fuel before commencing the pilot.

Task 4.3

Purchase of equipment based on the design of the LNG fueling stations. ENGIE will separately invite selected organisations to submit a quote for the equipment for the LNG fueling stations.

Task 4.4

The analysis and validation of the study and the pilot deployment data is with a specialized and internationally recognized subcontractor and will cover both LNG fuelled trucks and fueling stations. A mathematical model for fuel consumption and emission should be developed. The research results will be published so that all stakeholders can assess, compare and discuss the findings of the study.