Business case finalised, 5 sites secured, co-financing secured, permitting requirements identified.

Task 1.1

Finalising the business case, securing sites and securing financing Principle and directional agreements between Unilever, CHEP and the transport companies towards multi-year contracts on the identified Action routes.

Financial commitment from the management of ENGIE to invest in 2 LNG fueling stations in Germany and 3 LNG fueling stations in France. Agreement with several independent fuel station companies to build the LNG fueling stations at their existing fueling locations, if applicable.

Task 1.2

Establish the permitting procedure for each LNG fueling station. Identify, together with each permitting authority, the steps needed for the authority to start and complete the formal permitting process.

Task 1.3

Design and engineering of the LNG fueling stations by ENGIE in-line with all technical requirements and compliance to safety regulations. Given varying permit requirements and geographical differences adjustments will have to be made to the standard design of each fuelling station.